Posted by: bev47 | March 3, 2008

Evidence Linking Toxins To Increased Health Problems

In this post I will be providing links to evidence linking Toxins to increased incedents of various health issues.  Before someone is sufficiently motivated to take action they must be convinced that these things are real.  It isn’t enough to simply acknowledge that these threats exist or I heard something about that we must see it in more personal terms.  As parents we protect our kids from all kinds of dangers but it can be difficult to really worry about things that are unseen or cause no immidiate danger to their health.  A lot of the linked study’s show that exposures we had 10, 20 or even 30 years ago lead to increased chances of developing things like Cancer, Alzhiemers, Diabetes and many others.  So take this and internalize it, make it real in your mind hopefully this will give you incentive to take these threats serious.   Then you’ll be ready to take steps to protect not only yourself but the people you love.  We will be talking about solutions as the blog continues.

  Tests Reveal High Chemical Levels in Kids Bodies  a CNN Video

Lingering toxins continue to cause cancer: study
Banned pesticides and other toxic chemicals lingering in the environment put people at an increased risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma, according to a B.C. Cancer Agency study…


Study finds dangerous chemicals in common goods
A project to test 35 people in seven states, including five Michiganders, for industrial chemicals common in household products found that all those tested had the toxic substances in their bodies

What’s In You
On-line body burden assessment



  1. I like what you have here in your blog. I think its really important for everyone to realize how toxins play a role in our lives. I’m excited to take that quiz!

    I wrote a few articles at regarding organic living and natural treatments for improving moods. Feel free to check them out.


  2. Also forgot to mention that I added you to my blogroll!

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